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Colfax County Solid Waste Press Release

Office of the County Manager 
April 23, 2024 

Dear valued customers, 

Colfax County has contracted with Jonathan Arthur, Owner of Arthur Rolloff. his business is in Raton, New Mexico. (Not out of state as before.) The Commissioners, County Manager, Solid Waste staff, and Arthur Rolloff have worked diligently to make improvements in solid waste operations in Colfax County.

  • Arthur Rolloff has purchased the Tri State dumpsters and purchased a Trash Truck designed to pick up this style of dumpster. They have additionally purchased a new Trash Truck which is being built so there will be a backup when needed. This is essential in creating a seamless transition without disruption of service and averted the requirement for a more complex contingency plan.
  • Most of the dumpsters are damaged and need to be repaired, restored, and painted. Arthor Rolloff has additionally ordered new dumpsters, and these were just delivered.
  • The goal and objectives are to have all this work completed by the end of the summer while maintaining strict pickup schedules.
  • Bills for Resident Solid Waste management fees are mailed annually, in advance. Private and Commercial billing are mailed quarterly. A 1.5% late fee will be assessed monthly beginning June 2024 on delinquent accounts. The Solid Waste Management fees may be paid in two installments of each fiscal year, the first installment is due no later than April and the second installment is due no later than October. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Solid Waste Coordinator at 505-398-6902 or 575-445-9661.
Sincerely and respectfully,

Monte Gore
Colfax County Manager