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County Assessor


Kristi E. Graham
Colfax County Assessor

230 North 3rd Street
Raton, NM  87740
Phone: (575)445-2314
Cell Phone: (575) 447-0215

Fax: (575)445-2207
Email Link

Office hours:

7:00 am to 5:30 pm
Monday - Thursday
Open during lunch hour


The Colfax County Assessor is committed to serving the property owners of the county by complying with New Mexico State Statues and State Taxation and Revenue Department/Property Tax Division Rules and Regulations.

The Assessor utilizes the department budget and available county property valuation program funds to successfully arrive at current and correct values throughout Colfax County.

Adequate funding facilitates successful property valuation programs.
Successful Property Valuation Programs result in current and correct property values as required by New Mexico Law.


1.   Accept & process reports from property owners.
2.   List and identify location of property.
3.   Collect, analyze and interpret market and cost trends.
4.   We DO NOT tax your property, but value it for property tax purposes.
5.   Value property in conformance with professional standards of the International Association of Assessing Officers and the        laws of the State of New Mexico.
6.   Apply state laws that exempt certain properties and also allow for lower values for long term residential property owners.
7.   Report to the property owner the value of their property through the Notice of Value in April annually.
8.   Defend the value placed on the property at the Valuation Protest Board.
9.   Please remember the assessor's office cannot perform title searches; you need to contact a local title company to perform  a title search of your property. 

County Assessor Roles and Propery Tax Video


The office of the Colfax County Assessor mails out over 20,000 Notices of Value each year, and receives approximately 1,000 of those as returned mail due to incorrect addressing.  We strongly urge you to verify your contact information with our office.

Verifying this may assist you in avoiding any late fees you may incur from the Treasurer's Office Tax Bill mail out.

Please fill out a "Change of Address Form" found to the left hand side in the Department Downloads Forms section of our website.

New 2023 Notice of Value

7-36-1-A. (paraphrased) The Colfax County Assessor is responsible and has the authority for the discovery and valuation of all property subject to valuation for property taxation purposes in the county, except the property specified by Subsections B and C of this section.

For property record search click here

Property Search Access for Colfax County Staff Click here

Staff Contact:

Joseph Martinez
Chief Deputy Assessor
Email Link

Desiree Silva
Deputy Clerk/Ag Specialist/Lot and Block Deeds
Email Link

Virginia Mack
Deputy Clerk/Sales Specialist/Condo Deeds
Email Link

Derrick Garcia
Mapping Supervisor/Draftsman
Email Link

Chris Sandlin
GIS Specialist
Email Link

Rick Aguilar
Certified Chief Appraiser
Email Link

Alyssa Romero
Business Personal Property/Mobile Home
Email Link

David Gonzales
Email Link
Brian Cervantes
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