Mission Statement

The Colfax County Manager's mission is to carry out policies and procedures as established and set fourth by the Colfax County Board of Commissioners. It is also to provide the Commissioners with timely and accurate information in order for them to make informed decisions regarding county business and to follow up on items addressed during the County Commissioner Meetings.

Core Values

Ethics – We will conduct our work at a level of highest integrity

Flexibility – We will be sensitive to changing internal and external conditions that may require us to make changes to our operation

Positive Attitude – We will approach all challenges with an open mind and conduct ourselves in a positive manner

Support – We will advocate for and support each other, our constituents and our internal customers

Accountability – We are employed by a professional organization, we will be held liable for our actions

Professionalism – We will understand the importance of our jobs in the public sector; to have respect for ourselves and the organization that we represent, and to act accordingly. We will deal with issues, whether positive or negative, in a mild and straightforward manner. We will adhere to a standard of professionalism in the workplace.