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Colfax County Fire Department

Nathaniel Sandovas - Copy
Colfax County Fire Marshal
 Nathaniel Sandoval
230 North 3rd Street
Raton NM 87740
Phone: (575) 445-8931
Cell: (575) 447-1639
Fax: (575) 445-7154
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Jacob Martinez - Copy Mike Vigil - Copy  
Vermejo Park
District 7
Jacob Martinez
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District 2
Mike Vigil
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Rapid Response
District 8
Ira Simpson
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Steve Briggs - Copy County fire logo 
Farley - Copy 
French Tract
District 5
Steve Briggs
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District 4
Carl Blosser
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Bruce Jassmen - Copy  James - Copy  Jim - Copy
Moreno Valley
District 6
Bruce Jassman
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District 1
James Sanchez
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Ute Park
District 3
Jim Rockenfield
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Effective September 19, 2023

Upon consultation with the Fire Chiefs of Colfax County, and under the authority of Colfax County Ordinance Number 2006-1, the Colfax County Fire Marshal hereby declares effective immediately, that the ban on open burning in the Fire Districts in Colfax County, be lifted as of8:00 AM on September 19 th, 2023. 
Bum permits are required for all open burning other than recreational fires. A recreational fire is an open fire of 3 feet or less in diameter. Permits may be found on the Colfax County website. 
Nick Cardenas 

Colfax County became one of the first Firewise Communities in New Mexico.
Visit to learn more.

 Volunteer Firefighter Program

All equipment and training is provided to become a Level One Certified Firefighter.
Contact the County Fire Marshal for more information.