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Colfax County Finance Dept.

Finance Department
230 North 3rd Street. Raton, NM 87740
3rd Floor-County Building
Phone: (575) 445-9661  Fax: (575) 445-2902

The Colfax County Finance Department is held together by a finance specialist, a procurement officer, and a payroll administrator. 

The Colfax County Finance Department provides financial support to departments, elected officials and the public. This includes assisting County staff in purchasing products and services, and providing fiscal and budgetary services. The department works to attain and maintain balance between long-term stability and customer satisfaction in support the Colfax County's residents.

In addition to financial support, the department provides, enhances, and preserves the physical assets of the County, ensuring quality construction on major projects and supporting County departments, comprehensive document production, mail, and delivery services.

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