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Road Closures and Repairs

Colfax County Road Closures and Repairs

June 14, 2023

On June 12, 2023, Colfax County experienced torrential rain fall throughout the county resulting in areas of flooding. Some county residents reported up to 6 inches. County roads and crossings have washed out or have damage to some bridges. Some roads were submerged with water moving swiftly, making the roads unsafe. Other roads were completely washed out.

  • County Road A-72, Kappis Arroya Road has extensive damage, and the current crossing is unusable.
  • County Road A-1, Laguna Madre Road in Maxwell was completely under water with debris but is useable.
  • A-40, Johnson Park Road has a washed-out bridge. Crews are currently working on replacing the deck on this bridge and are expecting to complete repairs by June 15th.

Some areas of flooding in the ditches and canals overflowed onto county roads. Road crews are assessing road and bridge damages throughout the county. County Road Superintendent, Glen Stevens is asking residents to be cautious and to please report any concerns or damages to the County Road Department at 575-445-8292.

The County Road Department will provide updates on county road conditions and damage as more information becomes available. The County Road Department would like to thank the residents of Colfax County for their patience as they are assessing the damages and making necessary repairs to the county road’s.