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Thank You First Responders

Office of the County Manager
April 20, 2023
Press Release/Thank you First Responders

This afternoon just before noon citizens along with the Colfax County Manager observed smoke around the golf course in the Raton area. Raton Dispatch was immediately notified.

First Responders acted quickly to contain and fight the fire. The latest reports are that our responders are mopping up the scene currently. We wish to commend the quick and decisive actions of our respondents. This fire had the potential to be a serious emergency due to the dryness of the area and proximity to the city of Raton.

We wish to thank the following agencies: Raton Fire Department, Philmont Fire Department, Cimarron Fire Department, French Track Fire Department, Rapid Response Fire Department, Raton Police Department, and the Colfax County Sheriff’s Office.

Thank you for a job well done!

Monte Gore
Colfax County Manager