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Special Thank You

Special Thank You
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Colfax County Manager, Monte Gore recognized four employees for their exceptional performance and dedication to their roles during the January 10, Commission Meeting.  Solid waste Coordinator and E911 Coordinator, Virginia Strohm, was recognized for her dedication to ensuring the county's waste management operations run efficiently and her continued commitment to update all E-911 Addresses. Financial Specialist, Joana Apodaca, was acknowledged for her hard work and attention to detail in managing the county's finances and additional duties. IT Administrator, Amadeo Soto, was acknowledged for his outstanding technical expertise and commitment to keeping the county's technology systems running smoothly. Finally, VMDC Warden, Regina Slade, was recognized for her leadership and dedication to the safety and well-being of the inmates in her care and process of getting accredited. 

These individuals have gone above and beyond in their roles and have made significant contributions to the success of Colfax County. Their dedication and commitment to their work is greatly appreciated and we are fortunate to have them on our team. Thank you, Amadeo, Virginia, Joana, and Regina, for your hard work and dedication to the residents of Colfax County.