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Elected Officials take Oath of Office

Family, friends and county staff attended the ceremony for the Oath of Office for elected officials of Colfax County, administered by Magistrate Judge Felix Pena on
December 13, 2022.

Elected Officials will officially start serving a four-year term for their duties on January 1, 2023.

As elected Officials they were sworn to support the Constitution of the United States, and Laws of the State of New Mexico. 
Elected Officials
Pictured: (Left to Right: County Sheriff-Leonard Baca Jr.; Probate Judge-Royal Qunit; Commissioner-Si Trujillo, Magistrate Judge-Felix Pena; County Assessor-Kristi Graham; Commissioner-Mary Lou Kern)

Sheriff Baca Oath

Judge Pena started the ceremony by administering the oath for re-elected County Sheriff, 
Leonard Baca Jr.; Sheriff Baca will be severing his 2nd term as Colfax County Sheriff.

County Assessor Kristi Graham signs her Oath for her 2nd Term as Colfax County Assessor.  Assessor-Kristi Oath
Probate Judge Oath Probate Judge Royal Quint, takes Oath of Office for his 2nd Term as Colfax County Probate Judge. 
Judge Pena congratulates newly elected County Commissioner Si Trujillo after taking his Oath of Office. Commissioner-Si Trujillo
Commissioner Kern Oath Mary Lou Kern takes her Oath of Office for her 1st Term as Colfax County Commissioner.