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Current News and Events

 Open Meetings Act Training

Wednesday, April 23 at 1p.m., Maxwell Schools Auditorium, facilitated by Ms. Susan Boe, Executive Director of New Mexico Foundation for Open Government

Geohydrology Presentation

by Dr. Kate Ziegler, Wednesday, April 30th at 1 p.m., Maxwell Schools Auditorium

Solid Waste Fee Increase

As per Resolution 2014-13 Solid Waste Fees for fiscal year 2014 have been increased to $130.00 (including gross receipts tax) for all Colfax County persons, businesses and residences within Colfax County. Furthermore, as per Resolution 2014-13, Solid Waste Fees for commercial properties or residences that maintain dumpsters for private use only will be charged $60.00 per month per dumpster plus gross receipts tax.

As per Ordinance No. 1996-5 Whenever any person, business, or resident subject to this Ordinance is being provided solid waste collection by a municipality or by a licensed commercial collection service, and when appropriate documentation can establish that said person will continue to contract for such service, the Board of County Commissioners may issue a certificate of exemption for a period of one year to said person, business or resident and said person, business or resident will be exempt from the Ordinance and the payment of fees for such period.

For questions regarding Colfax County Solid Waste Collection & Fees please refer to Solid Waste Collection Ordinance 1996-5.pdf and  Resolution 2014-13-1 Solid Waste Fee Increase.pdf

Commissioners Tour Detention Center

Detention Center tour

Commissioners Jim Maldonado, Bill Sauble, Landon Newton and Clerk Freda Baca joined Detention Center Director Gabriel Sandoval for the annual tour of the Vigil Maldonado Detention Center.

During the tour, the commissioners are able to discuss operations and maintenance with Director Sandoval, which provides them with information needed for upcoming budget planning.


County Honors Andrew Tapia for Years of Service

 Andrew Ortiz Award

Andrew Tapia was hired on May 23,2005. He was assigned the number 16 motor grader to maintain 101 miles of road in the Kiowa and Dorsey Mansion area. All total he worked 8 years and 8 months. He is a very hard working, conscientious employee.

Colfax County Officials Graduate from NM EDGE Program

Group Staff Award

On January 23, 2014, at the 2014 New Mexico Association of Counties Mid-Winter Legislative Conference held in Santa Fe, two Colfax County employees graduated from the NM EDGE Program with triple designations – Certified Public Supervisor (CPS), Certified Public Assessment Officer (CPAO), and Certified Advocate for Public Ethics (CAPE). Colfax County Assessor Linda L. Gallegos and Colfax County’s Chief Deputy Assessor Kristi E. Graham completed over 79 three-hour classes each to accomplish their certifications.

The NM EDGE, which stands for Education Designed to Generate Excellence in the Public Sector, is a program administered by New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service. The NM EDGE County College was developed in collaboration with the New Mexico Association of Counties and works with public official associations and other strategic partners around the state to develop certification programs. The Certified Public Manager (CPM) designation is the feature program of the NM EDGE and is locally recognized and is a nationally accredited professional development program for public employees, supervisors, managers, and elected officials. Upon completion of the “tier” programs, each tier building on the previous program, students work toward completion of the Certified Public Manager (CPM) designation.

The Certified Public Official (CPO) designation is the first tier of the program. Participants must complete at least 18 three-hour classes such as knowledge of government, management and human resources. Linda Gallegos and Kristi Graham received their Certified Public Official designations on June 21, 2012.

The second tier is the Certified Public Supervisor (CPS) designation. Thirty three-hour classes must be passed and completion of a six-hour culminating project assignment in which the student demonstrates the application of competencies learned through participating in the certified public manager classes is required. The Public Supervisor classes cover subjects such as knowing the law, budgeting and public finance, and the public policy making process. Linda and Kristi successfully completed all required classes to earn this designation.

The NM EDGE County College works in conjunction with the New Mexico Association of Counties to develop affiliate-specific curriculum. Curriculum for each of the following offices has been developed: County Commissioners, County Assessors, County Clerks, County Treasurers, GIS, Information Technology, Jail Administration, and Risk Management.

The Certified Public Assessment Officer (CPAO) designation is the Assessor specific curriculum consisting of 26 three-hour classes and a culminating experience requirement of submission of a mini-portfolio that demonstrates, through written and project work, their application of the competencies learned by participating in the county college classes, and application of those concepts by the student to his/her work in county government. Linda and Kristi were two of the first five graduates of the CPAO program.

The Certified Public Advocate for Public Ethics (CAPE) program requires successful completion of nine three-hour classes and a culminating experience requirement of submission of a mini-portfolio. Classes such as “Ethics and Professionalism,” Ethics and Managing Public Funds,” and “Creating an Ethical Culture” are just a few of the subjects offered. In addition to graduating with this designation, Kristi also scored a perfect 10 points on her mini-portfolio submission.

Linda and Kristi have completed the requirements for the CPO, CPS, CPAO, and CAPE designations in their three years with the County Assessor’s office.

Assessor Linda Gallegos stated, "Over the past three years the NM EDGE classes have provided me with a tremendous amount of invaluable education that I have been able to apply as a county leader and public servant. In addition to the classes that focus on ethics, communication, supervisory skills and effective leadership, and governmental processes, we (the students) are afforded the opportunity to network with many other county leaders. Because of the NM EDGE program, I have a greater understanding of my role in county government and have the information and confidence to implement my duties and responsibilities more effectively as the County Assessor."

Chief Deputy Assessor Kristi Graham stated, "I have worked in County Government for the past three years in the Colfax County Assessor’s office. The NM EDGE classes have been so inspirational to me. I have learned so much and received invaluable knowledge on how to better serve our taxpayers"

2013-2014 Final Budget Approved
Colfax County 2013-2014 final budget was approved during the regularly scheduled meeting of the Colfax County Commissioners on July 23, 2013.

2013-2014 Projected Costs

2013-2014 Projected Revenues

2013-2014 Recap

2013-2014 Projected Transfers


Raton Basin Regional Economic Development Plan Draft
Raton Basin Regional Economic Development Plan 032213.pdf

Wolf Management
U.S. Fish and Wildlife has postponed the comprehensive Wolf Management Program until further notice. For more information please contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife  1-800-344-9453  or 500 Gold Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.

Colfax County Oil & Gas Ad Hoc Steering Committee Recommendations
2013 Colfax County OG Recommendations FINAL

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