Linda L. Gallegos
Linda L. Gallegos
Colfax County Assessor

230 North 3rd Street
Raton, NM  87740
Phone: (575)445-2314
Fax: (575)445-2207

Office hours:

7:00 am to 5:30 pm
Monday - Thursday
Open during lunch hour


7-36-1-A. (paraphrased) The Colfax County Assessor is responsible and has the authority for the discovery and valuation of all property subject to valuation for property taxation purposes in the county, except the property specified by Subsections B and C of this section.

I, Linda L. Gallegos, Colfax County Assessor, feel that it is of the utmost importance to uphold the responsibilities defined above in order to develop a system that best serves the needs of the public as well as my staff.

As the Colfax County Assessor, I am committed to serving the property owners of Colfax County by complying will all New Mexico State Statutes and New Mexico State Taxation and Revenue Department Property Tax Division Rules and Regulations, and will expect the same of all those employed by this office.

I will utilize the department’s budgets and all other available resources responsibly to accomplish the tasks described above to successfully arrive at current and correct valuation for the County of Colfax.

My continued goals as the Colfax County Assessor are:

  • To provide a well managed office by performing required reappraisals and valuation maintenance. By utilizing Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal techniques (CAMA), incorporating a Geographic Information System (GIS) and high resolution imagery system (Pictometry), and physically inspecting all properties at least every four to six years as required by New Mexico statute, we can accomplish our goal to operate efficiently and competently according to New Mexico Property Tax Code.
  • Employ a qualified and competent staff that will provide the public with information and quality customer service in a competent and courteous manner.
  • To operate the office in such a manner that valuation methods and procedures are open to scrutiny and understood by the public.
  • Use its resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Encourage and assist employees in professional growth, while meeting organizational objectives.

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