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Youth Empowerment Services-YES Program

Colfax County Youth Empowerment Services

What We Do
CCYES Home Visiting Program is a non-profit organization that provides educational services to parent, grandparents, and extended family members.  Home visiting helps parents create an environment that positively impacts their child's social and emotional development and prepares him/her for a productive future. 

Home visiting is a free service offered to pregnant women and families with children from 0-5. Our home visitors offer non-judgmental support for your family and help prepare parents to cope with the everyday stressors associated with the transition to parenting, which are inevitable when a new baby enters your family. We work with other community organizations to help parents navigate the systems that are available to reduce those stressors. This leaves more time and energy for the joys of parenting as the family builds a relationship with their child.

Benefits of CCYES
  • We come to see you in your home
  • Support you, your baby, and your family's well being
  • Answer questions about your baby's development
  • Help connect you with resources in our community (example: programs, activities, services, etc.)
  • Home Visiting
  • Prenatal to 5 years of Educational Services
  • Breastfeeding
  • Safe Sleep
  • Parenting Classes
  • Development Screening
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Debbie Ortiz

Kristin Trujillo
Lead Home Visitor

Ashley Medina
Home Visitor & Colfax County Health Council Co-Coordinator

Ali Sanchez
Home Visitor

112 N. 3rd
Raton, NM 87740
Phone:  +1 575-445-8191
Fax: 575-445-8205
For more information about Youth Empowerment Services, visit:

Colfax County Health Council

Colfax County Health Council/Health Equity, DWI Planning Council & Healthy Kids Healthy Community Collaboration Meeting


In Person @ CYFD Raton/Zoom Link


Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month



Agenda Items

  • Call to order
  • Approval of All Meeting Minutes
  • Introductions for All In-Person/Online
  • DWI Planning Council 
  • Healthy Kids Health Community
  • Colfax County Health Council/Health Equity
  • Next Meeting / Questions / Comments
  • Adjournment 

Colfax County Health Council Factsheet FY24

Who We Are

The Colfax County Health Council was established to support and connect Colfax County residents to healthcare and mental healthcare information, services, and resources. We will continue to address all Health Priorities, Mental Health; Substance Misuse; and Healthy Lifestyle affecting our communities.  


Our mission is to improve the health and social wellbeing of current and future generations in Colfax County.


The Colfax County Health Council serves as regional coalition to provide awareness and advocacy for available integrated healthcare resources.

Health Priorities FY24

1.     Mental Health

2.     Substance Misuse

3.     Healthy Lifestyle


·         Collaborate with all healthcare and mental healthcare providers throughout Colfax County.

·         Improving the health & wellness for Colfax County residents.

·         Work with substance abuse prevention providers to combat substance misuse.

·         Partner with school districts, businesses, and community leaders to combat stigma and increase awareness of all health council priorities.


  • To promote Mental Health in Colfax County.

·         To mend the gap between community members and Mental Health Agencies.

·         Provide education and resources on substance misuse and alcohol abuse.

·         To help youth and adults consider Healthy Lifestyle changes.

·         To promote Healthy Lifestyle activities around Colfax County.