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Message from Solid Waste Coordinator

Office of the County Manager 
February 22, 2023 

Message from our Solid Waste Coordinator

Thank you to all the County Solid Waste customers for being patient and understanding through this crisis. Our team is still working hard to overcome this crisis.
In order to help with the crisis, we will be placing Extra Roll offs (from Arthur Roll Off) at the below locations for Colfax County Solid Waste customers use, at no extra charge. Please note these are still only for household items (no construction material, car parts, mattresses, appliances, etc..).

Locations will be:
1. Moreno Valley Fire Station on Osha Rd in Black Lake
2. Wheeler View Rd in Angel Fire
3. 175 Hwy 555 Rodeo Grounds in Raton
4. Caviness (A-23) & Hwy 72 in Raton
5. Maxwell outskirts TBD (Arms Ranch Rd or Whiteley Rd & Elm Tree Rd)
6. Chico Rd (A-7) & Circle Dot Ranch Rd (C-34) in Maxwell
7. Hwy 58 & Miami Lane (North Side) in Miami

As we work through this Solid Waste Crisis, we ask everyone to please be patient with Colfax County. We assure you we are working together to get this problem solved. Feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns regarding Solid Waste. Please use our main number (575) 445-9661. Virginia’s extension is 7703 and email.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Virginia Strohm
Colfax County
Solid Waste Coordinator