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Solid Waste Update

Office of the County Manager 
January 18, 2023 
Message from our Solid Waste Coordinator and Solid Waste Team

I am Virginia Strohm Solid Waste Coordinator for Colfax County. I would like to give an update from the last notice posted on January 7, 2023. 

1.  A brief description from that notice is that Colfax County was and still is in a Solid Waste Crisis. Trash has not been picked up on time since Mid-December.

2.  On January 17, 2023 myself, Solid Waste Tech Tiana Romero, and County Manager Monte Gore had a meeting with Christian and Miguel from Tristate (our contracted trash pickup). Currently they do not have a driver for Colfax County. As stated in the last notice the normal driver left Mid-December. They are currently having a hard time finding a driver for our area. So they are having Substitute drivers complete our route out of Texline and Dalhart.
Note: Tristate hired a driver for our area, and they were supposed to start January 16th, 2023, but did not show up. So, they have posted the position again.

3.   To prepare for the meeting with Tristate Tiana and myself worked on maps of all locations for the dumpsters that Colfax County are responsible for. They were very happy with that as it will help tremendously with the route.

4.    During our meeting Christian stated they will be sure to get each dumpster picked up at least once a week, due to not having a driver locally. I understand that this is not what they are contracted for and they are working to get back to our normal 2 times a week.

5.    Currently Solid Waste Tech Tiana is still doing her best to try and clean up around each dumpster 1 to 2 times weekly.
Note: If Customers can please be mindful of how they use the dumpsters and roll offs that would help greatly.

6. Some customers may have noticed when dumpsters have not been dumped a new empty dumpster will be placed temporarily next to the full ones as a curtesy from Tristate (at no extra charge). The reason for this is because not having a local CDL driver, they do have employees that can drive a truck and trailer.

As we work through this Solid Waste Crisis, we ask everyone to please be patient with Colfax County and Tri-State. We assure you we are working together to get this problem solved. Feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns regarding Solid Waste. Please use our 
main number (575) 445-9661. Virginia's extension is 7703 and email

Sincerly and Respectfully,
Virginia Strohm
Colfax County Solid Waster Coordinator