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Commissioners Farewell

Commissioners Farewell

On behalf of Colfax County, we would like to thank outgoing Colfax County Commissioners, Roy Fernandez, and Bobby Ledoux for their outstanding commitment to the residents of Colfax County and the staff of Colfax County Offices.

Current County Chairman, Roy Fernandez, has served as County Commissioner for two four-year terms. During his terms Mr. Fernandez has held the role of Chairman and acted as interim County Manager, as the county pursued new leadership.

Commissioner Bobby Ledoux has served as a County Commissioner for four years. During the four years on the commission, Mr. Ledoux served as chairman for three of those years.

As members of the commission these individuals have been active leaders for this community. With their vision, leadership, and commitment to continue to improve Colfax County, they have been instrumental in moving this county forward.

There are too many accomplishments to thank these individuals for, but to name a few: They worked to improve the Vigil Maldonado Detention Center by expanding the facility and currently working towards accreditation. They have been part of the building of the new Magistrate and County Sheriff offices. As well as many improvements to the Angel Fire Airport. Most recently they have worked to improve salary increases for county staff, that has been long overdue and working to put a plan in action to continue these increases. They have safely managed through a pandemic that allowed the county to continue day to day operations. County Chairman Fernandez stated he was glad that he was able to work with county workers first hand by putting boots on the ground and seeing what these jobs entailed.

Both Commissioners stated that during their terms they made several friends and some enemies. In the commission they would often agree to disagree on many issues, but all had the same agenda in working towards the same goal of creating a better county.

Commissioner Ledoux and Chairman Fernandez will conduct their last commission meeting on December 19, 2022.

Thank you for your service!


Colfax County Manager, Monte Gore (left) presents Commissioner Bobby Ledoux (middle) and Chairman Roy Fernandez (right) with a Certificate of Appreciation and Gift during the December 13, 2022 Commission Meeting.