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Recording Fees

Recording Fees Schedule

Pursuant to Senate Bill 369, A County Clerk shall collect a recording fee of $25.00 for each document filed or recorded by the County Clerk. If a document being filed or recorded contains more than ten entries to be indexed, the County Clerk shall charge an additional $25.00 for each additional block of ten or fewer entries to the index from each document. All checks/money orders must be made payable to the Colfax County Clerk’s Office.

Copy Fees

• Copies
     $1.00 per page
• Plat Copies 18”x24”
• Faxes
     $2.00 per page
• Marriage License
     $5.00 certified
• Probate
     $.50 per page
• Probate certified
• Certification of Microfilm
• Microfiche Duplicates
     $12.00 per jacket

Recording Fees

• Recording of all documents
     $25.00 (every 10 entries)
• Probate new cases
• UCC Documents 
     $25.00 (every 10 entries)
• Plats 18”x24” (Survey)


• Marriage License
     $25.00 cash only
• Liquor License

Voter Data Fees

• Printed List Set-up
     $25.00 for first 1,200 and $0.05 per name thereafter
• Labels Set-up
     $25.00 and $0.10 for each label
• Data
• Diskette-CD

Military Discharge

• Recording: FREE
• Certified Copies: FREE

All documents will be given a new method in determining filing fees, including plats/surveys. The County Clerk’s Office will review the Grantor/Grantee’s and legal description of each document and determine how many entries will be required for indexing. Every name indexed counts as one entry.

The Colfax County Clerk’s Office does not issue birth or death certificates. We CANNOT copy death certificates or military discharge papers under any circumstances.