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Election FAQ

Election FAQ

Q. Where can I register to vote in Colfax County?

Q. When are the elections in 2016?

Q. How long must I live in Colfax County before I can register to vote?

Q. How old do I have to be to register to vote?

Q. I'd like to volunteer to work at the polls. How can I do that?

Q. Can I register by mail?

Q. What documents do I need when I register?

Q. Will I get an identification card from your office?

Q. Do I have to declare a party affiliation when I register to vote?

Q. What about the Presidential Caucus?

Q. What is the deadline for voter registration?

Q. How can I get an absentee ballot?

Q. Can I use one application to vote absentee in every election?

Q. I received my absentee ballot, but I changed my mind and want to go to the polls on Election Day. Should I throw out the ballot I received?

Q. I was late in applying for my ballot and its Election Day. What can I do?

Q. A member of an organized political group approached me to fill out a voter registration form and an absentee application. Is this safe?

Q. When does absentee voting begin?

Q. Can I vote early in person before Election Day?

Q. What are the hours of voting?

Q. How can I cancel my Voter Registration?

Q. What if I have other questions about elections?