230 North 3rd Street
Raton NM 87740
Phone: (575)445-3171
Fax: (575)445-0595
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 98

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

County Manager's Office and County Assessor's Office open through lunch.

Kathy M. Trujillo

Lydia M. Garcia
Chief Deputy Treasurer

Treasurer's Office

Mission Statement

The Colfax County Treasurer Office's mission is to to collect, record, distribute and invest revenues in an accurate and prompt manner, in accord with New Mexico State Statutes and provide accurate, efficient, fair and courteous service to the constituents of Colfax County.

Treasurer Kathy Trujillo

Kathy TrujilloKathy was elected for a four year term in November 2012, which began January 2013. Kathy is a lifelong resident of Colfax County and has worked for the county since 1986. She started in a part-time position in the county assessor's office and was then moved to a full-time position in the county manager's office.

Prior to her appointment to county manager in 1997, Kathy worked as an accounts payable clerk, payroll clerk, administrative assistant and assistant county manager.

She served as county manager until February 28, 2005. She was then appointed as the first deputy treasurer where she performs a variety of managerial, administrative and supervisory duties as needed.

First Deputy Treasurer Lydia Garcia

Lydia GarciaLydia M. Garcia was appointed Chief Deputy Treasuer on January 1, 2013. She was elected as County Treasurer in 2004 and took office January 2005. She was elected for a second term in November, 2008. Lydia is a lifelong resident of Colfax County, a mother of 2 children, Brittni and Blaze.

Lydia began working in the county manager's office on January 25, 1990. Her duties included working as accounts payable clerk, county payroll clerk, insurances, budgets and indigent care coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities

The County Treasurer is an elected official and the ex-officio for all taxing authorities in the County, taxing authorities include taxing agencies such as Municipalities, School Districts, the State of New Mexico, and other taxing agencies within Colfax County.

The County Treasurer's Office keeps records of all receipts, disbursements, monthly distribution of taxes to other governmental agencies, and reconciles the county's bank accounts. They are furthermore responsible for preparing the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual financial reports for the county.

The Treasurer's Office also receives, processes and deposits all cash and checks from county departments such as fees for services, licenses, revenues from bond issues and special assessments, as well as from state and federal agencies, and property tax bills. The treasurer's office prepares, prints and mails all property tax bills and delinquency notices as needed.