230 North 3rd Street
Raton NM 87740
Phone: (575)445-2314
Fax: 575 445-2207
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 427

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

County Manager's Office and County Assessor's Office open through lunch.

Linda L. Gallegos
County Assessor

Kristi E. Graham
Chief Deputy Assessor

Ron Lopau
Chief Appraiser

Janet R. Cline
Deputy Assessor

Sharon A. Malcom
Deputy Assessor

Desiree R. Silva
Deputy Assessor

Suzanne M. Valdez
Deputy Assessor

Chris Sandlin

Martin A. Fager
Chief Draftsmen

Karen Walton

Joseph Martinez

Rickie Aguilar

Assessor's Office

Mission Statement

The Colfax County Assessor's office is committed to insuring that all property owners are treated in a fair, equitable and impartial manor in accordance with our state laws. It is our sincere desire to serve and support Colfax County citizens in a professional, effective, responsible and courteous manner.

County Assessor

Linda L. GallegosLinda L. Gallegos is a lifelong resident of Colfax County, Linda was raised in Maxwell, New Mexico and graduated from Maxwell High School in 1981.

Linda is the eldest of six children born to Lupe and Clyrene Gallegos, and is a mother and grandmother to a loving and supportive family. She has three children: Rebecca, Kevin, and Joseph, and six grandchildren: Jeremy, Alyssa, Alexi, Kiara, Christopher, and Brailyn.

Prior to being elected Assessor in November 2010, Linda worked at Title Services, Inc., for over 23 years as a Land Title Research Specialist and Title Examiner, where she obtained an extensive knowledge of Colfax County properties.

She enjoys spending time with her family, attending sporting events, and traveling.

Chief Deputy Assessor

Kristi E. GrahamKristi Elaine Graham was born and raised in Colfax County, and graduated from Raton High School in 1985. She is the middle child born to John Roy and Connie Graham with two brothers, Steve and Stacey Graham. Her grandparents, John Henry and Trella Pearle Graham and W. C. and Ione Burton (deceased) have been instrumental in her life and are very dear to her as well. Along with my parent and grandparents, she has the loving support of her sons, Justin and Jeremy Sisneros.

Ms. Graham has worked in the land title business for over 24 years, starting out at Title Services, Inc. for the Harris' and then working for CU Title, Inc., now known as North East Title, Inc. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, working out and traveling.

Deputy Assessors

Janet R. Cline
Janet R. Cline
Desiree R. Silva
Desiree R. Silva
Sharon A. Malcom
Sharon A. Malcom
Suzanne M. Valdez
Suzanne M. Valdez

Chief Appraiser

Ron LopauRon Lopau was born and raised in Pipestone, Minnesota and graduated from Pipestone Central High in 1969. He is the middle child of 13 brothers and sisters. He has one daughter Tammie, son in law Carl and 2 granddaughters Kaylee age 11 and Alexandra age 4. He enjoys spending time with his family an loves to travel.


Rickie J. Aguilar
Rickie J. Aguilar
Joe J. Martinez
Joe J. Martinez
Derrick Garcia
Derrick Garcia

Office Staff

Office Staff


Front: Linda Gallegos, Sharon Malcom, Janet Cline

2nd row: Suzanne Valdez, Kristi Graham, Desiree Silva, and Karen Walton

3rd row: Ron Lopau, Andy Fager, and Chris Sandlin

4th row: Rickie Aguilar and Joe Martinez

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Duties & Responsibilities

The Assessors Office discovers, identifies, lists and values all property for ad valorem tax purposes and notifies property owners of their assessed values.

The office staff also prepares the County tax roll for the County Treasurer. The tax roll includes: real property (land and buildings) and personal property.

Personal property is defined as:

Livestock (as defined by 7-36-21 NMSA Special methods of Valuation Livestock);
Manufactured Homes;
Business Equipment.

The mapping department maintains maps of all Colfax County, including all cities, and towns within the County. The office updates the ownership and legal description of every piece of property within Colfax County.This requires the Colfax County Assessor's office to track and maintain approximately 25,000 to 30,000 parcels for the benefit of all the citizens of the county.Assessors Yearly Calendar

Assessor's Yearly Calendar

January 1: Property is assessed to the owner of record in its current condition as of that date.

January 1 thru last day of February: This is time to apply for the agricultural classification. There is an application that needs to be completed and returned by the last day of February. Manufactured home owners have to report their manufactured home to the County Assessor's office or a penalty will appear on their tax bill.

March 31: County assessor mails a notice of value to property owners. If you qualify for an exemption, applications must be made no later than thirty (30) days after the mailing of the County Assessor's Notice of Valuation for which the exemption is to be applied.

April 30: Last day to:
Protest values or classification with the County Assessor.
Apply for Head of Family Exemption.
Apply the Veteran exemption and/ or the 100% disabled Veteran exemption to property.
Apply for 65 and over/disabled limitation to freeze the property value at a certain level.

June 15: County Assessor's certify the county net taxable values to the State Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).

August 1: Department of Taxation and Revenue certifies the final net taxable values to the Department of Finance and Administration for setting tax rates.

September 1: Cutoff date for Department of Finance and Administration to set tax rates. The County Commissioners will approve the tax mill rates.

October 1: Property tax schedule delivered to County Treasurer.